2 sessions 1:1 with a Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist + Diastasis & Core Consultant, ME 😊



I believe knowledge is power and empowering moms is what I do.


The Ultimate Push Prep Package is for you IF

You’re curious about all this “core breathing” stuff and how it can help.

You want to effortlessly breathe your baby out.

While minimizing your risk of tearing.

You’re either signed up for or have taken another childbirth education course (The Ulitimate Push Prep Package is great to pair with other courses such as, but  not limited to, hypno-birthing, bliss born, BirthSmarter, etc.)

Epidural or all natural – doesn’t matter, I’ve got you covered!

Have a planned C-section? We can set your mind and body up for a healthy recovery!

You’ve got your workout routine down..but you may be looking for ways to make sure you’re working out safely & efficiently. **We can discuss diastasis & pelvic floor concerns in that first session!

You want tips & tricks on mental & physical preparation for an empowering, more informed delivery!

The breakdown of each session:

1st Session – 
  • We’ll talk about your goals and your birth wishes!
  • Discuss any concerns, aches, or pains
  • Go over primal movement patterns & the 5 foundational aspects of prepping your mind & body for birth
  • Introduce some core breathing techniques that will change the way you approach movement going forward and definitely come in handy during childbirth!

Expect to leave with 1-2 exercises to practice on your own, the option to implement core breathing into your workouts and/or daily movement, and set up for success for session 2!


2nd Session – 

  • Option to bring your birth partner with you!
  • We’ll go over how to use your breath during labor & pushing – addressing any last questions you may have!
  • Birth options including pushing positions & birth rights.
  • We’ll discuss how & when to test the core in the first few days after having your baby.

    📆 Timing: these sessions can be done at any point during your pregnancy, but session #2 is best to save for ~1month before your due date 💞


    These 2 sessions bundled together  ->  $329!

    *for a limited time only..increasing 6/1.


    As soon as you purchase, you’re able to book your time with me!

❤️ Can’t wait to see you there!

– Caila

What they say about it...

“Thank you!! I cannot tell you how much the core breathing helped throughout labor and the pushing!”



“I wanted to make sure I thanked you again for your help and support throughout my pregnancy! While I was delivering, the nurses kept telling me my breathing was excellent and to continue with my deep breathing during pushing! And she was out in about 12 pushes total! So THANK YOU! For teaching me the deep core breathing! And the video about pushing and breathing. Definitely helped me through labor and delivery!!”

“My midwife told me I labored like a champ. 

She said the goal is to be as calm and relaxed as possible between contractions and that is exactly what I did. I was super calm.”

“All our strength, breathing, and pelvic floor exercises were extremely helpful during labor and childbirth.
“I hit a point where I was exhausted and lightheaded. I said, ‘I can’t do this anymore’. But then I remembered what we practiced – I was able to relax my pelvic floor and push through. Before I knew it there she was in my arms.”