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1:1 Coaching

  • We work to maintain your strength throughout your pregnancy in a safe way
  • Diastasis prevention
  • Labor training
  • Are you struggling with core strength? Or are you totally unsure of what exercises are most efficient for you and your body?
  • As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I am here to meet you where you are on your fitness journey and guide you along the path of efficient & effective workouts that don’t take hours to complete. 
  • Build a STRONG CORE during your pregnancy
  • And then become the strongest you’ve ever felt leading up to childbirth (no better time)
  • Labor training including physical and mental endurance training 
  • focus on prevention of injuries such as Diastasis Recti, tearing during labor, prolapse, etc.
  • We work to get back to your desired fitness routine
  • Diastasis healing
  • Regain core function and pre-pregnancy strength (only better)

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Who Am I?

I’m Caila Zappala, your Pregnancy Safe Elite Coach. Recently relocated to Charlotte, NC from New York City.. I am extremely passionate about remaining active & eating healthy through all life’s challenges! The mental and physiological benefits are endless. However, I love chocolate almost as much as I love movement. I am a firm believer in a balanced lifestyle, one that includes an occasional chocolate bar paired with some functional exercise..all things that are good for the soul! 


While I certainly specialize in the pre/postnatal population, my group and corporate fitness classes are designed for all bodies at all levels!


I aim for all my clients to learn how to first use their core properly via their breath.. and then to gain muscle memory that helps them achieve their fitness goals effortlessly!

– FFB – PregnancySāf Elite Coach

FFB – Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist 

– FFB  Diastasis & Core Consultant

Exhale Barre Certified 

AFPA Sports Nutritionist

– MBA & B.S. Mathematics


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